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Frequently Asked Questions


Our business is all about making your business more successful, efficient and ultimately more profitable.  We make that happen by perfecting installing your solution and training your staff members to understand and use the feature rich communications solutions.  If we can’t make your business operate more effectively and drive more profit, you will get your labor costs for installation refunded. 

What do you mean that you guarantee worry free phone solutions that improve my productivity?

We are a managed services provider specializing in driving productivity improvements through perfectly installed technology, especially communications solutions that always work even when the network is down.  We take special care up front in making sure we understand exactly what you are looking for, and then we design the solution in a customized way to make it work for you.  After our flawless installation and staff training, we will be there when you need us for day-to-day support.  This is a personalized service ensuring your success.  

You sound like more than a VoIP company.  What are you really?
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Our experience is that most companies are out to make themselves successful.  We operate much differently.  We know how important it is to really care, not just say we care.  It is a fundamental value within our company.  Many company’s sales organizations operate with the ABC method of selling:  “Always Be Closing”.  We operate fundamentally as “Always Be Caring”.  

You talk a lot of caring for the customer, doesn’t every company do that?

The VoIP of yesteryear had quality issues due to network and technology challenges.  Over the past 10 years, there has been a significant improvement in both areas where high definition VoIP call quality is testing better than traditional analog service.  Just talk with some of our references, and you will be amazed at the reports of great call quality.

Do VoIP systems have poor call quality?

This is where you need a good company that is talented and skilled in designing the right solution for you.  Because most of the digital features and functionality are hosted in the cloud, even when your local Internet connection goes down, those services are operating normally.  We design the system so even if your local Internet is down or there is a power outage, you will receive all of your calls.  The disaster recovery plan with a VoIP solution is far better than traditional analog service.  When the analog service goes down, you are out of luck.

If the Internet goes down, isn’t my communications system down too?

Skype can be a good solution if you are looking at only dial tone service and call quality isn’t important.  If you are looking for excellent call quality, with full digital features, one best supporting an active mobile environment, the host cloud-based VoIP is the best solution.

I just use Skype for my calls, isn’t that sufficient?

First, we focus primarily on making your business more productive.  After we perfectly install your communications solution, we put expert attention on training your staff on using the communications tools they have.  Secondly, we give the customer personalized support, not just over the phone, but “boots on the ground”.  If we can’t quickly resolve the issue over the phone, we will dispatch our local technical team to quickly solve your issue.  Otherwise, we could not fulfill our purpose of dramatically improving your productivity.  

I have had bad experiences with other VoIP providers, why are you

We use a proprietary online tool that allows us to have a reverse auction. This means every energy supplier in Illinois can see each other’s bids. This in turn drives down the cost because now the energy companies are literally fighting for your business. Once we have all the bids as can present you with several options guaranteeing you never overpay for energy again! 

How does Net Voice Now get me
the most competitive bids for my energy needs? 

Every minute you must spend overseeing or having discussions with vendors is time away from dealing with more important issues in your building. When you have Net Voice Now handle your services, you can focus more time to what your association and residents need you to focus on. This means you can complete projects and manage time more efficiently. The savings you get from all that time not being spent with your vendors pays for the small increase in our managed service fees. 

What is the advantage of having Net Voice Now manage my services as opposed to doing it myself?

How much sense does it make for the company that handles your voice and data networks to also be your desktop and I.T. support? Not only do you save money by bundling our services, but you eliminate the back and forth between vendors because now one company has all the answers. This makes maintenance and repairs lighting quick, because we don’t have to wait on another company to answer basic questions for us. 

Why would I want Net Voice Now
to handle my network if I already have an I.T. company to do that?
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