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Refurbished Technology in the Age of Sustainability

Need a new phone? Headphones? Laptop? Ever considered "refurbished"?

Wait, USED tech?!

Yes, used, but then REFURBISHED. There are many ways in which technology finds itself in a refurbished state: returns at electronics retailers and online stores which are then sent back to the manufacturer or sold to a licensed refurbishment company to be re-sold, trade-in's from retail store or online trade-in companies etc. All of this tech is tested and then refurbished.

Officially Refurbished Tech vs. Used

Refurbished tech is given a full inspection and thorough cleaning, sometimes new parts: batteries, screens, buttons, and so on. All of this is done by companies whose sole purpose of existing is to refurbish tech. If you were to buy something "used" off of eBay, for example, that item has not gone through a rigorous protocol to verify it will work for a few more years.

Where to Buy Refurbished Tech?!

It's actually very easy. Tech companies like Apple, Best Buy have their own refurbished sections on their website. But there are also official websites like which are devoted solely to refurbished technology. They also offer return policies and warranties.

Feel Good About Your Simple Action!

Give yourself credit for making this positive impact. Truly, the planet thanks you. Refurbished electronics are a great way to combat and curb the roughly 7,000 metric tons of electronic waste that is created in the US alone every year.

Continue This Trend!

It can seem unfashionable to buy someone a "refurbished" tech item, but as someone who has been buying refurbished tech for many years, it has truly never failed me. Whether it is for yourself or others, trust me, it IS trendy today.

Net Voice Now is an advocate for the Earth. In our work with tech and telecom we try to re-use and reduce whenever possible. It is a continuous conscious effort on every staff member.


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